Split'n and mix'n somethin' fresh out the kitchen...

The Lickety Split team is always dreaming up new flavors each season, but we keep our classics in stock at all times.

The Classics


The Hammibal 

Named after a renowned weirdo... the idea of this banana may seem a bit odd at first, but it basically tastes like brunch on a stick. This double layered banana with it's Nutella and butterscotch dipped coating and sprinkling of candied bacon gives you all the guilty pleasure you didn't know you could handle... Clarice. 


Shut-Up Buttercup

This vegan treat is first dipped in a creamy layer of peanut butter and topped with vegan dark chocolate and the perfect amount of Himalayan sea salt. Vegan or not, who doesn't love that classic combo?


Down in Sexico

Deemed "The Mamacita" of our banana pops, this sexy/spicy pop will have you licking for more. Seemingly sweet at first with it's dark chocolate and mini marshmallow topping, it has a surprise cayenne kick followed by a hidden layer of smooth caramel to soften that heat... It's sweet and spicy just like us wink* wink*